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Checking and Sending Invoices

The invoices sent to us electronically (in XML format) are checked and released for further processing. In addition to formal validation in accordance with forum-datenaustausch.ch, we carry out a duplicate check to see whether the invoice has already been issued, ensure that the recipient’s address and GLN number are correct, and confirm that the information relating to insurance and insurance law is correct.

We then send approved invoices to the invoice recipients, both electronically to the insurers according to the tiers payant (TP) system and by mail to your patients according to the tiers garant (TG) system.


What we will do for you:

  • Process XML files of all practice software systems (including older formats 4.3 and 4.4) running on various operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Formally verify invoices in terms of insurance details, recipient address, and GLN number, among other information
  • Prepare invoices, print and mail invoices to patients according to the TG system
  • Send invoices to all insurers in Switzerland according to the TP system
  • Electronically archive original invoice data for five years
  • Send an electronic copy to a TrustCenter of your choice (on request)
  • TP patient copies (by mail or electronically)

Payment Transactions including Dunning

Have all outstanding invoices been paid? Were any invoices objected to or rejected? We monitor incoming payments for you, send reminders to the relevant invoice recipients, and escalate the matter to legal collection if necessary.


What we will do for you:

  • Check incoming payments
  • Dunning
  • Manage rejections and cancellations
  • Arrange installment payment agreements with your patients
  • Issue refunds in case of double payments
  • Manage legal collection processes
  • Issue reports on the status of fee claims, incoming payments, dunning lists, and financing options
  • Operate a hotline for customers and patients

Prefinancing Invoices, Ensuring Liquidity

To ensure that the liquidity of your practice is guaranteed at all times and that you can make plans based on a secure financial situation, we offer you prefinancing of your fee claims. This means that the money will be directly transferred to your account once the agreed deadline has been reached, so you do not have to wait until patients or insurers have actually paid.


We offer you:

  • 100% prefinancing of your fee claims assigned to us
  • Four payout options:
    • Immediate
    • 15 days
    • 30 days
    • Payout upon receipt of payment